Wilderness Survival Basic

This a hands on and informative day to get your feet wet and check out Roots while coming away with practical real world skills & knowledge that saves lives. In this course we will introduce wilderness survival mindset, basic navigation, and emergency shelter, water, fire, and food. Students will also learn new ways of engaging with the natural world through sensory awareness. Course size is limited.

Hand on skills include but not limited to:

  • Bow Drill FireCordage
  • Edible Plant Id
  • Fire Building
  • Tarp Shelters and Knots


The course is from 10 AM-5PM at the Lincoln Elementary School, 6 Ballfield Rd, Lincon, MA. Drive into the school driveway and look for a Roots School Sign an folks gathering in the parking lot..

Course size is limited but spaces are still available!


Location: Boston, massachusetts