Finding "touristy" things to do in Denver, Colorado isn't hard,
but finding an authentic and unique experience can be

Denver, Colorado is a beautiful city and is known for it's Skiing, 300 days a year of sunshine,
20,000 acres of parks, the Broncos, Red Rocks Ampitheater and more!

Denver also has a thriving community of Artisans,
Skilled Craftsman, and Passionate Hobbyists!

This is where Hostible seeks to fill the gap.

It is a site for people to share authentic life experiences! An artist can share their passion for painting. A Glassblower can help you make your own glass creation. Find everything from Community Stand Up Paddleboarding to Creating Your Own Wooden Art! Hostible provides the opportunity for anyone to share authentic experiences!


Denver’s roots are firmly planted in gold mining as it was originally formed as a mining town and became a hub for new gold mines across the Rocky Mountains. Eventually, Denver became the capital of Colorado and ultimately a major transportation hub. Later, Silver was discovered in the mountains near Denver, creating a major wealth infusion for the city. Ultimately, the energy boom resulted in a major oil and gas companies fueled massive expansion to the city leading to the construction of a large number of office buildings and skyscrapers in Denver.


Beginning with a beautification effort at the start of the 20th century, Denver has invested heavily in the city’s culture and art scene. Denver’s neighborhoods have become very diverse as the city’s cultural institutions have grown. The city also benefits from art galleries, bars, clubs and restaurants. The art scene is also thriving in Denver, with the Art District on Santa Fe being most famous. Additionally, it is home to the Great American Beer Festival which attracts beer enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world.


Being situated close to the Rocky Mountains has led to a thriving outdoor community. The city boasts over 200 parks and 29 recreation centers. These have many programs and events for the residents of Denver. Additionally, many of the residents can be found spending time rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping. Denver is also renowned for it’s Ski slopes and attracts visitors from all over the United States. Sports has become very important, especially football. The Denver Bronco’s regularly draw crowd’s exceeding 70,000, causing most games to sell out.

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