The Paddled Pub

Enjoy the pace and taste of river life on the Paddled Pub

It seems to be universally agreed that the perfect summer days include great weather, enjoyed with a cold beer in hand and the sound of a river in the background. At The Paddled Pub we are all about the perfect summer day. Revel in the wonderful Southern Oregon weather while sitting comfortably in the shade, a local micro-brew in hand, all while floating down the world famous Rogue River on our custom built raft and frame.

On our raft, you sit around a bar, while taking in the river scenery as our skilled oarsman rows the raft through the gentle currents of the Rogue, making this Oregon’s most unique pub experience—bar none.. So come alone or with your group of up to 12 people, either way you will have a fun couple hours on the river enjoying Oregon’s most unique pub experience.

Space is limited and the Pub fills fast, so book your spot today.

Location: Eugene, oregon