Rolling Plains Adventures

Come experience the Wild West!   Step back in time to a land where Cowboys still roam the open range.  A land where Native American’s hunted buffalo by the herds of 10,000 and more!  Ride horseback down the wagon trails from the 1800’s while driving cattle.  See a land that hasn't’t changed much since the early settlers or Lewis and Clark’s Expedition in 1804.  


This is not a “Dude Ranch” nor is it a “Guest Ranch”; we are a “Working Cattle Ranch”.  As a welcomed guest you will get the true Cowboy experience.  You will learn from the BEST, Cowboys who have bloodlines dating back to the early 1600s who were pioneers of this country.  


The Doan family first came to this country back in 1629.  Since that day, the Doans were considered Outlaws by most.  To read more of the Doan Legends click on the History tab.  


George Doan, the 9th Generation, homesteaded the Black Leg Ranch in 1882 becoming the 1st Generation on the ranch.  5 Generations later, the Black Leg Ranch is home to over 10,000 acres of buffalo wallows, the ghost town of Brittin, three abandoned farmsteads, quicksand, 1800 wagon trails, the old railroad built in the 1800s, Native American artifacts and much more!

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