Painting with Wine!

Going shopping, watching a fun movie or eating at a new restaurant are great activities to do with friends but if you're looking for something unique, try painting with wine!


You can find lots of twist on painting with friends on Hostible or you can arrange your own social painting event at home!

Combining Wine and Painting makes for a fun time with friends.


In an age of smartphones and Netflix, painting can be a refreshing change. Just imagine channeling your inner artist while sipping wine and chatting with your besties!

Step 1: Choose a subject

Providing a subject or theme gives everyone a sense of togetherness while you paint. You can provide a prop as a subject such as tulips, a bunch of grapes and a block of cheese, or something silly like a picture of a cat sleeping next to a mouse. This also relieves stress for anyone trying to think of something to paint.


A funny or cute subject makes painting fun for the whole group!

Step 2: Provide Supplies

No need to get fancy if you're on a budget. Cute paper plates make great palettes and you can buy a decent set of paint brushes on amazon. I would also recommend buying the canvases in a multi-pack. If you're painting something small like a flower, there's no need to buy large canvases.

If you're looking to spend a little more or invest in supplies to start hosting your own wine and paint events as a side business, you can buy easels, reusable wooden palettes and more at a local painting supply store. Since canvases are not reusable, I'd recommend buying them in bulk to save on cost.

Step 3: Choose the Wine Selection

This is completely dependent on your budget and your friends wine preferences. You can ask what they like or you may already know. I'd suggest a few different types and colors to satisfy everyone. You can even experiment with some delicious blends.

You can also suggest a few of your friends bring some of their favorite wine to share with the group!

Step 4: Pick a Location

Hosting at your home is an obvious choice but this may not be ideal because you aren't centrally located to your friends or you need more space. In that case you may be able to rent a location such as a gazebo at a nice park, a community center room or ask one of your friends to loan you their home for the evening.

Keep in mind, you always have the option of finding a ready made wine and painting venue on Hostible!

You might also enlist the help of a friend to delegate some of these tasks.

Step 5: Send out the Invites

Cute stationary, e-cards, Facebook invites or regular texts are all ways to spread the word but it helps if you can get RSVPs to your event so you know how many canvases you'll need and how much wine to buy.

So that's it — how to host a Wine and Paint event. If you run out of time or would like to make money hosting these events for others, take a look at Hostible!

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