Make Your Own Ring


(Our most popular and hands on option)

  • The Rings: This is a great technique for creating simple wedding bands from traditional and polished to a rustic, hammered finish.
  • The Workshop: Fabrication is a process where you will work directly in the metal of your choice. You will use a jewelers' torch and tools to saw, solder, and shape your bands. I will walk you through each step, one at a time, in a way that you can't mess it up. I promise!

Watch the process here!

  • Metal Options: At With These Rings you can fabricate your rings from yellow gold, rose gold, palladium-white gold, peach gold, or palladium-sterling silver.
  • Timeline: Many couples who fabricate finish their rings in under 4 hours and take their rings home at the end of their session. But, keep in mind that some designs will have additional steps that require custom work on our end beyond your session, such as stone setting or engraving. These steps can take an additional several weeks after your workshop.

  • Planning your designs: If you are fabricating your rings you will have to decided on the basics of your design at least three weeks before your workshop, including:

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