Zorbing is a fun and surprisingly uncomplicated way to have a ton of fun with a date, the family, or a whole group of friends!
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What is Zorbing (Human Hamster Ball fun)?

Zorbing Near Me

It may sound bizarre or strange, but basically it involves climbing into a large, inflated, double-walled plastic ball, and rolling down a hill turning every grown-up into a giggling child.

Because of the padding, these Zorb balls are completely safe and are occasionally provided with a safety harness. This allows the rider to move at high speed and even bounce without any danger. This new form of fun is becoming rapidly more popular and Zorbing venues are popping up everywhere.

Zorbing on land or water, is relatively new and originates in New Zealand. Businesses hoping to offer this ball of fun have come up with a variety of names including, globe-riding, sphering, orbing, orbinauting, and more.

Zorbing Near Me

This is fun for the whole family, a group of friends or just a couple of people. Zorbing is rapidly becoming a popular activity across the globe and is perfect for birthday parties, corporate team-building activities and general weekend fun!

Where do I find venues for this?

Search engines like Google are always an option but since Zorbing is so new, few of these entrepreneurial business owners have been able to build large marketing campaigns to establish their presence online and they are often buried deep in search engine results.

However, websites like Hostible are able to reduce this search time dramatically by specializing in activities. Hostible is a website that is dedicated to helping people find authentic and unique experiences. Zorbing has already been added in quite a few cities and you can take a look with a quick search. If you don’t see any Zorbing opportunities in your area, this could be a chance for you to start thinking entrepreneurially and launch your own Zorbing side business. All you need is a few Zorb balls and an inflatable track or grassy hill. You can also recommend Hostible to any Zorbing businesses in your area. It is free to post and Hostible doesn’t charge any fees.

Here's a few options to look at if you are interested in purchasing your own human hamster balls for Zorb fun!

Backyard Zorbing Human Hamster Ball for Adults or Child (5ft)

Large Outdoor Zorbing Human Hamster Ball 8ft

Small Body Bubble Ball

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What the Heck is Zorbing??

You may have heard of a Zorb before or heard it called by another name such as a “Human Hamster Ball” or something similar. In this article I’ll help explain what it is, the different ways to Zorb, where it came from, and where to find this awesome activity near you. I think when you are done reading this, you’ll be dying to try it!

Basically, it involves climbing inside of a clear plastic ball and either rolling down a hill or floating on the water. Inflated with air, these are spacious and have different designs based on the manufacturer.

“Dry Zorbs are double walled and cushion the rider from the ground as you tumble down the hill”

Dry Zorbs sometimes come with safety straps or a harness for one or two people. It’s perfect for a fun date or having a ton of fun with your best friend! These also have double walls to cushion you from the ground. Often, you will be able to tumble freely inside the zorb as it rolls down a controlled track. Adding a little water to these Zorbs allows you to slide around inside for even more fun. Generally Dry Zorbing is done on a hill with a controlled track or down an inflatable track for safety.

“A wet Zorb is a single-walled ball with a rider inside floating on the water”

A wet Zorb or “Aquazorbing” as it is sometimes called, involves climbing inside a single walled Zorb and floating in a controlled water arena for a ton of fun! While these are often smaller and don’t accommodate more than one rider, they are just as much fun if not more than a dry Zorb!

Zorbing is rapidly becoming a fun addition to amusement parks, water parks, and fairs across the world. With the addition of the walking Zorb or “Bubble Ball” come many variations involving sports such as Bubble Soccer, Snow Zorbing, or just plain Body Zorbing!

A Quick History

“The Zorb was originally patented by a frenchman by the name of Gilles Ebersolt”

I’m sure you are wondering who was crazy enough to come up with this idea and I’ll tell you. Although the idea for a Zorb was patented by a frenchman by the name of Gilles Ebersolt, he was not the first to actually execute on the idea. First, a collection of extreme sports enthusiasts decided to take the concept of a hamster ball and design a human sized hamster ball! In the early 1980’s, they created a massive ball 75 feet in diameter containing two chairs. While the idea was novel, it did not gain a huge following and eventually it’s creators abandoned the invention.

“Andrew Akers and Dwane Van Der Sluis were the first to commercialize the Zorb”

About 15 years later, Andrew Akers and Dwane Van Der Sluis from New Zealand, decided to recreate the original invention with a more feasible design. By utilizing clear plastic and inflating them, these men had created a scalable design that could be produced at a much larger scale. Utilizing a franchise system, they were able to create a business with massive growth!

In Summary

Zorbing has some created some controversy, but with the right safety measures in place, this is an incredibly fun sport. Zorbing has gained the attention of many large entertainment venues and even celebrities. With this kind of notoriety, it is likely to grow in popularity.

With speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, this could be called an “Extreme Sport” in spite of its safety. If you love the idea of flying down a hill in an inflatable ball or rolling around the water with your friends inside of huge plastic Zorbs, don’t waste another second! Take a look at Hostible to find Zorbing Near Me!

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