Kansas City River Trails, Inc.

Kansas City River Trails, Inc. (KCRT) is a Missouri Not for Profit Corporation created to help improve project efficiency, gain funds, establish amenities, run programs, and operate and maintain the Riverfront Heritage Trail. Moreover, KCRT was designed to ensure continuity of Trail design and promote the Trail in the community. KCRT is not always in a position of authority, but is always available to assist any party with their trail efforts by communicating overall plans and intentions. To ensure that Trail goals can be accomplished, KCRT has made every effort to insure all stakeholders are represented on the Board of Directors.

Like many communities, the Kansas City region has begun to realize a well-organized trail and greenway system is a desirable amenity that can provide multiple benefits. Our region’s plan for an interconnected trail and greenway system is based on the realization of the growing need for a community wide bike and pedestrian trail system. City-wide trail plans are evolving. The Heritage Trail operates as the hub of that system.

MetroGreen offers many benefits for our region that include a transportation alternative for area residents, an opportunity to help manage our storm water more efficiently by using stream side setbacks, improving the water quality throughout the region, making stream and levee corridors safer by providing public access to them, increasing the health of our region by allowing residents more opportunities for outdoor recreation and providing an amenity to attract a highly educated workforce to the metropolitan area.

The most important part of the MetroGreen plan is at its heart, the Riverfront Heritage Trail. The Riverfront Heritage Trail is a catalyst for redevelopment of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and the Central Industrial District and downtown Kansas City, Kansas.


Location: Kansas City, kansas