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Tea Market

I opened Tea Market in the Fall of 2002 because Kansas City needed tea. My goal in those first few years was to create a space for people to purchase really good tea and everything needed to steep and enjoy it properly. Over the last thirteen years the shop has grown and evolved into a wellness hub with a strong tea community.

The shop is filled to the brim with an extensive tea collection, new merchandise and great gift ideas to please even the most finicky tea lover. We also offer monthly classes to help you get the most out of your tea experience. Hurry in for the best selection of tea! Or contact us about the newest classes!

Our tea classes allow opportunities to get your questions answered and create “ah-ha” moments where you realize how easy, worthwhile and delicious a life saturated in tea can be.  Please join us!


Texas Hidden Heat LLC

Our classes feature:

  • A lead female firearms instructor
  • Two (2) DPS certified firearms instructors for optimal safety and experience.  
  • Individual attention in a extremely safe but low-stress environment. 
  • All of our instructors and safety officers have law enforcement backgrounds. 
  • We cater to the experienced shooter, those who have never held a handgun, and everyone in between.


The Fencing Center

The coaching of fencing is a centuries old tradition. The Fencing Center's coaching program combines ancient wisdom with modern technology in a state of the art facility. We provide the ideal place to learn, practice, compete and socially enjoy the art and sport of fencing. TFC's fencers have participated at the Olympics and we regularly send fencers to the Junior Olympic Championships. Fencing is a smart sport, involving thinking, emotion management, and inner awareness. Our fencers gain admission to the best colleges in America, and we have sent them to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Brown, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, Cornell and Dartmouth, among others. 

Come try our 4 week 'Intro to Fencing' class or Learn to Fence Camp (all gear and equipment is provided).


The Path of Tea

The central aspect of tea ceremony involves harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. The whole process is not about drinking tea, but is about aesthetics, preparing a bowl of tea from one’s heart.

When Thia McKann founded The Path of Tea with husband Chris McKann in 2006, that is exactly what she hoped to accomplish with their shop. A place where she could pour her heart out, cup by cup to her community.

Houston Native and Spring Woods High graduate in 1973, Thia McKann worked diligently for years to become the first Certified Tea Master in Texas. She could much more aptly be classified as a healer than a shop owner, and believed education to be the primary focus for The Path of Tea. She was teacher/educator at Houston’s premier cancer hospital MD Anderson and taught the history of tea; how tea is produced, and the numerous health benefits of varying teas to Medical students, Patients and Caregivers.

“We believe if people are able to better understand what organic tea can do to heal the body, mind and spirit it can make a huge contribution as well as positive changes in our world, and in our lives.”– Thia McKann

Thia left this world, and her family, to begin the next phase of her journey in December of 2012. She leaves behind a legacy of joy that is continued by her partner in life, Chris McKann to this day.

“Don’t look for her in the past; she isn’t there. Don’t look for her in the future, her physical body is no longer here. Be with her, right here, right now.” – Chris McKann

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An Introduction to Traditional Blacksmithing using the Hammer, Anvil and Forge

This blacksmithing course is a one-day hands-on introduction to the art of forging hot steel on the anvil. No prior experience is necessary to take this class. We begin by discussing equipment and tools needed for basic forging. Next we move on to teaching you how to light and maintain a coal fire. Then we proceed to help you develop proper hammer technique and control as you learn to draw, round and shape simple scrolls. In this exercise, you will begin to become familiar with how to work the fire, how to heat the bar in the forge and how the hot steel responds to your hammer.

Beginning Blacksmithing

This one day class will provide a very basic understanding of forging principles, from building and controlling the fire to heating/forging steel, tool selection and use.