Houston School of Flowers

Houston School of Flowers is a floral design school offering florists training classes for the development of career skills for florists. There are three floral arranging workshops offered in addition to a class in flower shop management. Students may choose to attend individual classes or enroll in all 4 classes simultaneously during a two week session.

The director and principal instructor of Houston School of Flowers is Pat Hermes, a Texas Master Florist. Ms. Hermes was the principal instructor at Houston School of Floral Design for 28 years and during this time also instructed floral design for Rice University’s Department of Continuing Studies. Her designs have been photographed and published by the Houston Chronicle in 12 featured articles. The Houston Chronicle has also featured Ms. Hermes in a floral design video production on their website. Ms. Hermes was the co-sponsor and instructor for international floral design touring programs in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Holland from 1985-1996 and has also owned a retail flower shop and wedding design company.


Location: Houston, texas