Ghost Tour

What is a Ghost Tour?

Finding a “Touristy” activity isn’t hard, but finding an Authentic Experience can be…

Ghost Tour
Ghost tours tap into our love of haunted houses and combines this thrill with an exciting tour of a city. Often these tours are held in the evening when the shadows are long and definitely add a spooky element to the experience. The focus of these tours are primarily on haunted areas and/or buildings. Most involved walking but they can be given via car, carriage or bus. As apposed to a ghost hunt, Ghost tours are filled with historical fact, story-telling and are less focused on the halloween-like scare factor.

What should Ghost Tour look like?

Ghost Tour
There are the usual tours, museums, and zoos, but unfortunately these experiences have undergone severe commoditization with little authenticity left. With the recent advancements in technology such as smartphones and the internet, we are more disconnected than ever. To make matters worse, finding quality ghost tours is an almost impossible task unless you know very specifically what you are looking for.

Ghost Tours filled with detailed stories of haunted history and local legends make for a thrilling experience. Climbing down creaky stairs and meandering through dark alleys only serves to increase the ambiance of the adventure. These tours are usually no longer than a mile all told.

Sometimes the guides will provide tools and supplies for your adventure such as spirit sticks or energy gauges. It is best to do your research ahead of time to find out how intense the tour will be in case you have young children. Younger children who are frightened easily may not enjoy an experience like this one. If not, these can become adventures for the entire family. They also make excellent activities for tourists.

Another added feature can be costumes worn by the guests and/or the host. If the tour is provided by a quality company, the history and legends will be well researched and presented with plenty of flare. Often these legends will be supported by locals who can vouch for their authenticity.

How to Find Ghost Tour

Ghost Tour

If you go to your usual search engine and enter “Ghost Tour in my city” or a similar phrase, you will find tons of SEO-focused websites with names like “Top 10 Things to Do” posted by Trip Advisor, Expedia etc. all hopelessly pushing and shoving to make it to the top of the search engine result with repetitive links to the exact same tours, museums, and the occasional city attraction. This may be enough for someone who isn’t overly perceptive, but this is far from helpful for someone who is looking for Ghost Tour. Additionally, social media is an option but tours are not often advertised on these platforms.
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