My name is Jessie and I was born and raised in Ohio.

I am the founder of Planthropy, specialty succulent arrangements in up-cycled containers. The inspiration behind Planthropy came from my love of nature and the outdoors. Having spent my childhood surrounded by nature in the country, I want everyone to experience the happiness and beauty that plants can give. It is my belief that when you bring a live piece of nature inside, it radiates a healthy energy throughout a room and cultivates joy. Planthropy was built on my belief that each plant is a “Plant of Purpose.” I partner with local charities and organizations in Columbus, Ohio and donate a portion of sales back to the community through the sales of my arrangements. 

My arrangements are all unique and one-of-a-kind. I repurpose and up-cycle vintage and unwanted items, turning them into chic, new containers for my succulents by hand painting and adding embellishments to them.