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Mind Blow Studio

Experience it!

Experience the fascinating and exciting art form of hot glass blowing. Discover the unique qualities of molten glass as you manipulate it to create a one-of-a-kind souvenir. All experiences are private and you work individually with the instructor. No prior experience is necessary to enroll and participate. By appointment only.
The Pump House at Mind Blown Studio offers a variety of espresso, soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, wine, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, breakfast items, etc.

Spectators welcome!


Olive Juice Quilts

Olive Juice Quilts is a quirky quilt shop stuffed with a delightful variety of fabrics, patterns, books and notions, along with a full line of innovative sewing machines, and sewing cabinets. Located in Onalaska, WI, our store provides quilters with a friendly, creative atmosphere where they can enjoy a wide range of classes, clubs, and events!


Our Creative Outlet

Soap Making - Join us for a soap making adventure using a crock pot and hand blender.  The workshop includes hands-on soap making demonstration, recipes and three bars of soap


Paint Your Own Pottery

Create personalized pottery for you or for a loved one. We have a great selection of pottery for you to choose from.  We offer ceramic plates, bowls, banks, boxes, mugs, vases, pitchers, frames, and much more

How it works:
 -Pick a piece of naked pottery (ceramics bisque) from our shelves
 -Design, decorate, and paint
 -Our great staff will teach you how to use a variety of tools and provide you with great creative tips!
 -In just a few days (5 - 7 days), your pottery will be glazed, fired and ready to pick up.

What it costs:
We don't charge any studio fees!  All you pay for is the cost of the piece! Paints, brushes, stamps, stencils, idea books, etc. are included in the cost of your piece of pottery. That also includes the glazing and firing of your piece.  

Visit for booking!


Paint Your Own Wooden Sign

Choose the design you want to create ahead of time and we will provide you step-by-step instructions while you’re at the party.  When finished, you get to take your sign home and hang it in our home with pride :)

The sign you choose to buy, or the workshop you attend, helps support our family.  We handcraft every.single.item that leaves our shop.  Whether its a toy bin, or a small 6 x12 sign, our all is out into it and our reviews prove just that.  We are a "mom and pop" shop following a dream, together.


(502) 341-4656 --Call OR text



What is Pinspired?

Pinspired is a DIY workshop in Lubbock, Texas. Any project you dream up, we can help you accomplish!

Call for pricing