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Juggernaut Glass

We are a community of glass artists & instructors specializing in a form of glassblowing commonly referred to as lampworking or flameworking. We create functional art, handblown glass beads, pendants, marbles and more! 

Learn to work with glass in a fun & safe environment. Private & group lessons available. 

Glass fusing & slumping are forms of glass art that utilize cold-working techniques then heating the glass at various temperatures in an annealing oven.  Learn to create glass pendants, jewelry, sun-catchers, coasters, small dishes & more in one of our beginner through advanced classes.  Schedule a private or group class here or contact us directly to find a time that best fits your schedule.

Call for pricing

La Crosse Clay Center

We are a pottery gallery, studio, and education center located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We offer several options for memberships, classes, and a wide variety of unique, hand-made pottery available for purchase. 

CLASSES. Our 6 week classes are for anyone looking to develop their skills in pottery.  We have classes for those who have no experience whatsoever, and classes for life-long potters who want to hone in on their craft.  We also offer one time classes to those who want to test the waters with clay, and not jump right into a 6 week class session.  These one time, 90-minute lessons are perfect for date nights, corporate outings, birthday parties, family fun, and more.   See more about our classes here.

MEMBERSHIPS. We offer 24-hour access studio memberships for people who want the freedom to practice their craft at their convenience, or whenever inspiration hits. Read more about our membership options here.

GALLERY. The storefront at La Crosse Clay Center is filled with unique, handmade pottery made right here in La Crosse.  You will find many functional pieces such as cups, mugs, bowls, plates, vases, wine chillers, pitchers, and more.  In addition, there will be more unique, artistic pieces available for purchase.  The pottery for sale in the gallery is always changing, so stop in to see what's new!


Live Laugh Love Art

Welding is an art form that has been enjoyed by many for over 100 years. Whether you’re crafting a fine piece of furniture or a piece of garden art that used to be a hub cap, the ability to create art from steel is endless.

In your 3 hour class we will be using basic hand tools along with a MIG welder to gain some basic welding and metal fabrication skills that will give you the fundamental knowledge to weld together metal parts. The class cost covers the instruction, equipment used, and practice materials. At the end of the class you can stay to create a piece of metal art to take home. Get Ready, Set, Weld!


Loving Soap


Learn to make soap in the comfort of your own home or business! We offer private soap making classes for those wanting a more intimate and relaxed experience.

Why do we make soap?

To control the ingredients

You can custom make a soap that fits your skin type and even tailor your recipe to the season. Many people with skin conditions or sensitivities do well when using gently formulated handmade soap. Although you should never make medical claims that your soap helps those with eczema, rosacea, scaly skin or other skin conditions, many soap makers begin their soap making journey to help relieve their or family member’s skin conditions.

To get back to the basics

There is a movement of getting back to the basics. This includes raising chickens in the city, backyard farming, canning, pickling, sewing and making soap!

To be crafty or artistic

Besides making soap simply for the purpose of using it for the bath or cleaning, there are soapmakers that use soapmaking as an art medium to create outstanding and breathtaking works of art. They use color, texture and swirling techniques.

Handmade soap also makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

What you’ll learn:

-A brief history on soapmaking

-The basic chemistry of soapmaking

-How to choose and prepare a mold

-How to choose oils and what properties they contribute to your soap

-How to color your soap

-Lye safety and how to prepare your lye solution

-How to prepare and melt oils

-The steps to mix your soap

-How to cut, cure and store your soap

This is a hands-on lab. Each attendee will make a 2 pound batch of soap to take home.


Magnolia Scents by Design

Achieve aromatic bliss and create your own soy candle masterpiece for only $25!

Book your experience for any of our weekend open class times (Saturdays 1pm), or get a group together and schedule your own private session (requires 6 people to book). Arrive 15 minutes before your class time to sniff all our fabulous fragrances. Once you have chosen your scent, we'll lead you on a short tour of our micro-factory then we'll begin the class. We'll teach you all about waxes, wicks and fragrances for candlemaking, then take you step-by-step through the process of building your own soy candle. The experience takes about 45 minutes to complete. Your candle creation must cool for 2 hours, then will be ready to pick up.


Make a Ring / Set a Stone Workshop

Learn the basics of jewelry making (students learn how to cut metal, file, and solder) while creating a silver ring with a bezel set stone. All materials are included. We also offer longer classes running 5 weeks. Metal casting, welding, stone carving, jewelry making, mold making, and figure sculpture workshops are available. Custom workshops are available as well, including: wedding ring workshops, teen welding intensives, and more!

 Visit to schedule!