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Forge Your Own Knife

This course will emphasize the use of hand tools in the knife making process and will fit one handle; and if time permits, guards and ferrules. Each student will forge and finish at least one knife blade from a coil spring. His course covers proper fire procedures, blade forging of a stick and full tang and the integral bolster.

This is a hands-on course but there will be a lecture on the structure and composition of the blade material. Decorative etching, file work, mosaic and damascus will also be discussed. 

Knife Making class in Arizona with Ray Rybar.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 7 AM - 6 PM (1 Hour Lunch)


  • Basic techniques of knife making
  • How to forge from a coil spring
  • Heat treating and tempering
  • How to grind and shape a knife style of your choice
  • How to shape and fit handle material of your choice
  • How to rivet the handle
  • About what it takes to do decorative etching, file work, mosaic and damascus
  • About what it takes to make a sheath for your knife
  • About the structure and composition of blade materials


  • Propane Forges, a Coal Forge, Anvils and Vises
  • Swage blocks
  • Sahinler Power Hammer
  • TW90 Grinder, Baldor Grinder/Sander
  • Chop Saw
  • Band Saw
  • Angle Grinders
  • "The Mark" In-line Treadle Hammer
  • Lots of tools

You will forge, grind, heat treat and finish one knife complete with handle.

Level is Beginner/Intermediate. Class size is limited to 6. If class is full we will contact you to see if another date will work for you.


Glass Axis

First Experience Classes

Introduce yourself to glass design and lingo in our first experience workshops. Learn to speak the language of glass through hands-on projects with the guidance of a professional artist. Small classes make sure that everyone stays safe and gets individualized attention.


Glass Fusion

Learn the art of Glass Fusing!  We offer classes each month that teach the basics involved with glass fusion.  Each class focuses on a specific project and you will learn new and more detailed techniques with each class.

Glass fusing is a fun and creative artform that is simple to do yet creates beautiful, elegant masterpieces. Glass fusing is simply cutting and gluing glass in place to make a design. We then fire it in our kiln to join together pieces of glass to create a beautiful flat work of art! These pieces can then be fired again to take on the shape of a specific mold to create a vase, bowl, plate, or similar object.What it costs….glass projects are priced by base size and includes up to 3 layers of design glass and slumping!

Reservations highly recommended.


  • Pick your project base
  • Cut, lay out your design on the base & tack with glue (cutting optional)
  • Glass will be flat fired and slumped and ready to pick up in about 2 weeks!

The cost of the class includes all patterns, tools, supplies, firing and slumping. We provide snacks, you bring your drink.

Call 502-426-4455 for reservations!

Call for pricing

Have All This

What you will learn:

  • The tools that are essential for making wire wrapped jewelry
  • Basic wire wrapping skills, such as simple loops and wrapped loops
  • How to assemble beaded earrings from just wire and beads 
  • How to forge metal into beautiful hoops
  • How to make your own ear wires
  • How to use various forms to shape your own, one-of-a-kind earrings
  • Receive a resource list for all things jewelry
  • Information on various ways you can market and sell your jewelry
Each night you'll leave with a piece of jewelry that you made with your own two hands (and they're gonna look good-you'll impress yourself!)
We'll practice a few different styles and experiment with design so you can begin to find your own style.


Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio

Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio's mission is to promote understanding, appreciation and professional development in the ceramic and glass arts.  The Center's founding organization, Iowa Art Works, Inc., is dedicated to providing a place where creativity and community meet.

Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio is organized and operated by Iowa Artworks, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization supported by earned income, grants, private contributions and memberships.


Jablon Studios

Emily Jablon (Jablonstar) is a Mosaic Artist with her favorite canvas being the streets. Public Mosaics are how Emily has earned her name as being one of the biggest mosaic artists in within the country.  A glass artist, Emily teaches many classes at her studio. 

Jablon Studios is a branch off her mother's business and also how she got her start in the wild, zaney world of mosaics.