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Velvet Cravings

cupcakes are not just a dessert, they are an endearment. That’s how it is in my family. I grew up with not only a love for baking but also a love for eating delicious cake.

While I’ve always had a passion for baking, I have a bigger passion for family and friends and creating something that is the very best for both.

That’s what our cupcakes are – a nostalgic treat made the way I know they should be made. With the very best ingredients, fresh each day, handcrafted with care and baked with love.

Have a great cupcake day!


Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Workshop

How would you respond if I told you that today all the local grocery stores and pharmacies were having a tremendous sale - everything is free!! Well, you probably wouldn't believe me. But its true! Really! And not just today! The natural world is still home to our original source of food and medicine.

These precious plants are literally bursting with nutritious and healing powers that still beat anything you can find in a store. The research has been done. Hard science and native wisdom agree that some of the very best foods and medicines are literally waiting at our feet for us to connect back with them.

In our Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Workshop you will learn how to use a variety of local wild plants for both food and medicine. The workshop covers:

  • Plant identification
  • Safe and ethical harvesting & caretaking
  • Differentiating poisonous plants
  • Processing, preparation, and preservation of wild plants
  • Practical Edible Wild Plant Preparation:
    • Roots
    • Stalks
    • Leaves
    • Flowers
    • Fruits
    • Seeds
  • Creating different types of herbal medicine:
    • Salves
    • Ointments
    • Tinctures
    • Compresses/fomentations
    • Infusions/decoctions
    • Using fresh wild plants for first aid situations
    • Creating an herbal first aid kit
  • Basic information on some the most common edible and medicinal plants in North America

Each participant will create edible wild plant dishes to eat, as well as herbal medicines to take home.

Nourish Yourself
Take Care of Your Family
Connect with Your Place
Make & Deepen Relationships with Mentors & Community
Find True Self Sufficiency and Freedom

Jeannine Tidwell

Instructor Jeannine Tidwell has been practicing the art of wild edible and medicinal plants for over 25 years. Through her work at Twin Eagles Wilderness School in Sandpoint, Idaho, she has brought thousands of people into a deeper connection with the ancient art and science of wild edible and medicinal plants. Her approach is centered on creating enough understanding and connection throughout the learning process that participants will be able to repeat the whole process on their own.


Workshop starts Friday at 6:00 pm, and ends Sunday at 5:00 pm.Accommodations, all workshop materials, and some food will be provided.



$275 per person, includes workshop, all materials, accomodations, and some food.Scholarships available.

To Apply

Registrations are not currently being accepted for this workshop.

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants Workshop

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Please Note: Our programs often fill to capacity with waiting lists, sometimes quickly.Your space in this program is not reserved until we have received both a completed application and a deposit, and you have heard from us that they have been accepted and registered. Thank you!

Have more questions about this workshop? Feel free to contact us.


Wilderness Survival Basic

This a hands on and informative day to get your feet wet and check out Roots while coming away with practical real world skills & knowledge that saves lives. In this course we will introduce wilderness survival mindset, basic navigation, and emergency shelter, water, fire, and food. Students will also learn new ways of engaging with the natural world through sensory awareness. Course size is limited.

Hand on skills include but not limited to:

  • Bow Drill FireCordage
  • Edible Plant Id
  • Fire Building
  • Tarp Shelters and Knots


The course is from 10 AM-5PM at the Lincoln Elementary School, 6 Ballfield Rd, Lincon, MA. Drive into the school driveway and look for a Roots School Sign an folks gathering in the parking lot..

Course size is limited but spaces are still available!


Wisconsin Cheese Originals

Back by popular demand! We bring in an official judge and learn the difference between flaws and features in cheese. You’ll put on a white judging coat, learn how to operate a cheese trier, and take a turn at scoring several different cheeses. We’ll round out the fun with a blind tasting and official score sheets.