Commoditization vs Authenticity

Finding a “Touristy” activity isn’t hard, but finding an Authentic Experience can be… This is a phrase that captures the 21st century difficulty we face when we are looking for things to do on a weekend, during a vacation or even visiting family from out of town. There are the usual tours, museums, and zoos, but unfortunately these experiences have undergone severe commoditization with little authenticity left. With the recent advancements in technology such as smartphones and the internet, we are more disconnected than ever. To make matters worse, finding an authentic experience is almost impossible unless you know very specifically what you are looking for. In this article, I’m going to discuss the Commoditization of Hosted Experiences, what is an Authentic Experience, their importance, and how to find them.

Commoditization of Hosted Experiences

If you have visitors from out of town and you are trying to make a plan for your visit together, the normal venues that come to mind are museums, tours or maybe the local zoo. But these are commercial businesses and the activities are lined with guide ropes and “Don’t Touch” signs. Likely your guide will have repeated the same lines thousands of times and you are simply one more tourist in a stream of nameless faces. While sometimes you get lucky and get assigned a passionate guide, it is more common that you will get the “ho-hum” run-of-the-mill experience. These venues are engineered for endless lines of people, directed towards the concession stands and other revenue-making devices. Afterwards, the aching feet and exhaustion hardly feel worth the effort and time spent.

What is an Authentic Experience

Alternatively, an Authentic Experience will be a far cry from the flawless machine of a traditional tour. Ideally it will be messy, unrehearsed, and flexible. Your guide may very likely be the owner or host the experiences part-time, and will know you by name when it is all over. It will be filled with genuine conversation and laughter. Any food you might receive will be nothing like the greasy concession stand fare, instead it should be a skillfully cooked meal, prepared with care, and served with a decent back-story. These are the experiences that fill us with appreciation for the dedication needed to make them possible.
This is an idealistic view of what an Authentic Experience would be like, and it would seem that these are far and few between.

Finding an Authentic Experience

If you pull up your preferred search engine and type “things to do near me” or something similar, you will find SEO-ridden pages titled “Top 10 Things to Do” posted by Trip Advisor, Expedia etc. all hopelessly duplicating each other with references to the exact same tours, museums, and the occasional city attraction. This may be sufficient for a visitor who is new to the area, but it is far from satisfying the perceptive adventurer who are looking for an authentic experience. You can check social media sites but hosted experiences are rarely advertised on them.
The solution is Hostible, a website dedicated to helping people share authentic experiences and skills.

Picture yourself in an organic garden, soaking up the wisdom of a seasoned gardener, or sweating while you hammer out a Celtic sword under the guidance of an expert blacksmith, or even gliding across the waves in a genuine Chinese Junk sailboat. The possibilities are endless, and Hostible is working hard to provide a free, easy-to-use platform that enables people to share experiences like these without the Commoditization-effect.

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