Brand Identity Workshop

Learn how to magnify your brand and market with intention.

Location: Phoenix, AZ
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The experience you provide says more about your brand than any sales pitch or promotion. At PreFocus, I build clarity with my clients so they know exactly how to market and who to market to. We work on the brand origin, purpose, competency, personality, voice, value and experience. How you make people feel or how you make them appear to others is crucial to sustainability and growth. 

In this workshop, I provide you with the process and tools to execute a satisfactory return on investments. Whether that may be marketing, advertising, partnerships, sponsorships, timeliness or retention (culture). The purpose is to drive brand loyalty and recognition because of the clear value you supply. This is a 2 hour course followed by an hour long Q&A session.

Learn more by contacting me directly at [email protected] or 623-282-2243. View my Youtube Channel for a preview of my approach to branding and marketing.

The first 10 people that sign up are free. You have until April 13th at midnight to take advantage of the $20 special offer. Any registrations after this date are $50.