Explore all the basic skills needed to pursue the craft of blacksmithing in this introductory level class. You will learn about col fire management, hammer control and forging techniques such as drawing out, upsetting, punching, spitting and drifting metal. you can expect to complete a small project that has sample of the various techniques. Student  will learn the basic understanding of the type of steel metal uses, its basic compound and durability in a variety of projects. You will learning the basics of tempering and hardening steel, basic knowledge in processes with coal as well as gas forge, and the variety of tools found in the blacksmith shop.

       Class size is limited to 2 student per class.

                                       Class is offered on Saturday or Sunday 9-2pm.  

                Cost $100.00,  deposit required.                   

For more information, cost and available class times email Harry Black at[email protected] or call 208-954-1078. 

Location: Boise, idaho