Ax Throwing

How to Throw an Axe

You got this.


Put your strong hand on the bottom of the wood-handle of the hatchet. Put your other hand on top of the strong hand and cross your thumbs.


With the proper grip, extend the axe in front of you with the blade pointed toward the target.  (RECOMMENDED: aim at the target, not your friends). Righties put their left foot forward. Opposite for lefties. 

The Wind-up

Lean toward the target with the axe extended.  Lean backward and bring the axe straight over your head.  You look like a real lumberjack right now.


Bring the axe forward quickly and release it toward the target and follow through (Trick: Don't flick your wrists and become an axe throwing champ among your friends)

Walk-in Times

For small groups and individuals walk-in sessions are $20/hr. It's all good, we'll work you in with other walk-ins and you will have a dedicated axe coach!

(opening in January, First Come, First Serve)

Wednesday: 5p - 9p

Thursday: 5p - 9p

Sundays: Noon – 7p


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(2 - 2.5 hour tournament: call for groups of 24+ people, book here for 6-24 people)

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