Ax Throwing

Are you a bar where we can just come & have drinks?

Contrary to a lot of the press we have received, we are not a bar...  we are an axe throwing venue where you can have a drink while you throw! So if you want to have some drinks with us, book your Kick Axe experience today! ;-)


How much does this kick axe activity cost & do I have to pay up front?

The cost is $35+tax/pp for the 75 minute range reservation and you pay when you make the reservation online. Book HERE!


Walk ins - How do they work?

All of our ranges have certain start times in hour and a half increments, so you need to try to arrive about 15-20 minutes before one of those. For current start times, click HERE and select the date you want to walk in.


Do I need a large group to throw?

No! Those that don't have larger groups and don't mind potentially throwing with strangers or having their group split between ranges (a rare event) can book for however many they have.


Location: Seattle, washington