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The Tulsa Stained Glass Co.

We offer a variety of stained glass projects, unique painting and design activities, and more to make your party or special event fun for everyone. Let us help you plan an event that fits your group, either at our Art Event Center or in your venue.


Treasures of Sea and Earth

Treasures of Sea & Earth has been in the downtown area for the past 20 years and when  Jolene decided to semi-retire, we found a new shop a bit smaller and easier to manage. Treasures has scaled down a bit and has been taken over by her daughter Brenda. Treasures of Sea and Earth  moved to their new location at 609 Memorial Highway in July of 2009.

All classes need a minimum of 2-3 people to be held. Get together with your girlfriends and make a party out of it.  You may bring refreshments and drink and Brenda will teach you how to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or wire wrapping of pendants and even a ring or two. Call to schedule your class at 701-224-0103.

Classes are $15.00 per person plus your supplies.  If you have beads you want to use already, you can bring those also.

Special groups & clubs with a min. of 4 or more can register for a special class on any evening other than Sunday.

Birthdays or special parties for a min of 4 or more can register for any evening between 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Kids 12 & under is $10.00 (beads provided), and adults are $8.00 per person plus supplies.



We love creativity. We love the handmade. We do find a pretty good, if not overwhelming, amount of it online – and that makes us excited. But we want more! We want to be able to SEE the creativity, FEEL the products, and TALK about them with the creators. We want to connect with people around the Midwest and Fargo, ND who have the drive and appreciation for the creatively handmade and give them a market that is bursting at the seams, waiting for something like Unglued to happen here.

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Wapsi Glass

Wapsi Glass has been a locally owned, creative art studio for over ten years.  Our studio designs distinctive and unique kaleidoscopes,  fused glass art,  mosaics,  and sandblasted items. 
At Wapsi Glass,  the customer comes first.  Whether you are buying supplies,  taking a class or purchasing a gift,  the satisfaction of our customer is our number one priority.  
We strive to teach students sound,  basic techniques which allow them to explore their muse.  We continue to teach students who wish to take their work to the next level using advanced techniques. 
We offer an array of art and fusing glass,  copper foil,  and supplies including zinc came,  lead,  Morton Systems,  and all glass working tools.  Our studio houses six kilns and has one of the largest supplies of dichroic glass in the state.

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Test 3

test 3
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An Introduction to Traditional Blacksmithing using the Hammer, Anvil and Forge

This blacksmithing course is a one-day hands-on introduction to the art of forging hot steel on the anvil. No prior experience is necessary to take this class. We begin by discussing equipment and tools needed for basic forging. Next we move on to teaching you how to light and maintain a coal fire. Then we proceed to help you develop proper hammer technique and control as you learn to draw, round and shape simple scrolls. In this exercise, you will begin to become familiar with how to work the fire, how to heat the bar in the forge and how the hot steel responds to your hammer.