Aerial Adventure

An aerial adventure park is a physical environment where climbers encounter obstacles that challenge their ability to climb, jump, grab, haul, walk, swing, and balance themselves while at heights of up to 50 feet above ground.

Adventure Park
Adventure Park
Adventure Park

A 2.5 hour experience consisting of..

Safety School – This is a ground-based station where we outfit and teach participants how to use the safety equipment, harnesses, helmets, and lanyards.

Ascent –The first step onto the course consists of a large 45 degree cargo net that connects the belay deck to the first high course deck.

Climbing –  Once on the high course deck, participants can select their own paths. The high course is designed somewhat like a ski area in that each activity station can be experienced in “easy”, “moderate”, or “hard” mode.

Crossing from station to station – High course activities require participants to use a wide variety of skills: balance, strength, creativity, and patience. It should also be noted that our high course is designed for all types of humans. One need not be an Olympic athlete to play. All it takes is courage and a sense of adventure.

Descent – There are several methods for exiting the adventure course. The most popular is the zipline, which has a hydraulic braking system that allows a person to ride down from the course to the ground in a fluid motion. Other methods are down-climbing on the cargo net, or a standing rappel.

A word on fitness:

Physical fitness helps. The adventure park is a physical environment that involves using your body.

Participants should be in good health and physically fit. Please be mindful of this fact when considering an adventure.

Location: Seattle, washington