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Young Adventures

Young Adventurers is a day of activities aimed at youth between the ages of 10 – 16. Its very popular throughout the School Breaks with both active children and working parents as children can be dropped off at 9am and collected again at 5pm.

Holiday time is adventure time and our instructors guarantee the best adventures of all.

young adventurers always get dropped off and collected from the sharon community center.

Tuesday 4/17: Wilderness Survival, Archery & ArrowTag
Wednesday 4/18: MegaSUP, SUP & Kayaking
Thursday 4/19: Axe Throwing, Archery & Wilderness Survival
Friday 4/20: Kayaking, SUP, Archery & ArrowTag


Each day will be different, children can join us on multiple days and still try a new activity! For details about the activity programme, please ask upon booking. (Please be aware, although we do try as best we can to follow the programme, some activities may need to change at short notice due to weather and sea conditions on the day.)

Visit to book today!


Zorb Ball Bubble Soccer Human Hamster Water Walking Roller

Zorbing BallZorb Ball, Bubble Soccer, Walking Ball, Water Roller, Human Hamster Ball Manufacturer - Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited at


Zorb Experience in Colorado

Have you ever dreamed of rolling down hill in a giant hamster ball? Now you can! The 9' diameter ZORB gets filled with 5 gallons of water, providing the rider a refreshing experience as you are tumbling down our specially designed woodlands course up and around giant embankments. Fun for all ages.


Zorbing - Orbinauts

In 1995 a group of Kiwi’s invented the extreme sport of “zorbing.” Zorbing is the experience of riding inside of a huge inflatable hamster ball.  This sport has now widely become known as Globe Riding and is gaining popularity around the world.  Orbinauts was established in 2010 and allows you to experience Globe Riding without having to travel all the way to New Zealand. The only travelling you will do is to a suitable open area and Orbinauts will bring the FUN to you!  

Our orbitals are made out of a strong 1.0mm thick transparent material called Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU, not PVC like many other orbitals or the vinyl material used to make “moonwalks”. Orbitals allow a rider to stand and move inside a 7 foot ball within an 11 foot outer ball.  A system of ropes and air maintain a two foot cushion of air between the rider and the ground at all times.  Orbitals are also referred to as a hamster ball, human hamster ball, land ball, hill ball, Zorb® or Globe Rider. 

Whether your next event is a birthday party, company function, community event or a fundraiser, you’ll have a ball with an orbital from Orbinauts!
Give us a call for pricing and availability! 

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